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Australian Cam Girl Makes Men Cum

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I know a couple of vegans, and for the most part, they’re cool. When they annoy me, it’s usually just because I secretly wonder if they are right. Still, if given the choice between hanging out with vegans or meat eaters, I’m going to choose the meat eaters. I prefer spending time with other people making the same selfish choices as me. Otherwise, it’s a drag.

It was because of the above, that it surprised me to get along so well with heidiv on My Free Cams. This girl is what she calls an “ethical vegan”. She is proud of it and even preaches a little about it, but she is so hot and sweet that it doesn’t come across as obnoxious at all. The fact that she is Australian and her accent alone could make me cum, also doesn’t hurt. Plus, camming with her gave me ample opportunity to use a bunch of dumb meat puns. I may have even been lame enough to mention feeding her my sausage. She was great about it, and I am sure I will be going back for more of her.

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