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Chaturbate Keeps Things Exciting

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Things are going really well for me these days, but last year, I hit a rough patch. I was broke, lonely, and miserable. Webcams actually helped me a lot. At first, they were a fun distraction, then they became a routine, and eventually, they helped boost me up enough that I wanted to get my shit together and go out more. The free chat was great. The shows were less expensive and less stressful than real life dates. But they also helped me realize how much I missed real life interaction. So I used some of my new found flirting skills on a girl that worked at a local coffee place. We hit it off. She moved in a couple months ago and it’s been great.

The only thing is, I still watch live cams sometimes when she isn’t home. I usually use this list of free Chaturbate cams and I worry she will catch me. They keep things exciting when I get bored and allow me to satiate some of my curiosities. She has no idea that I like trans models and I am not sure how she’d take it if she did.

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