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How to talk online with adult cam girls

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A buddy of mine was telling me the other day that he didn’t really get the point of free adult cam chat. At first I thought he was just pulling my leg but in reality, he was dead serious. It took quite some time to put my head around why he would think this and once I did I had a very long and meaningful talk with him.

It turns out the main issue he was having was he struggled to talk to women. While he was going about it the wrong way I did understand where he was coming from. I had to explain to him that when you talk to girls online you don’t need to be yourself. If anything you should never be yourself because that guy doesn’t know what that girl is looking for.

I’m not saying you should outright lie but in all honesty if it gets you laid why not? There are certain things that you might need to do while talking live on cam with a total hottie. You might not agree with them all but if she is asking for it are you going to be the one to say no? like hell you are, all you’re going to do is whatever that smooth cam girl wants!

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