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Intermediate Steps to Mastering a Locals Sex Site

Filed under : Dating, really, is all about taking the necessary steps to become an ultimate master of finding local sex. Think of it like one of those ancient Chinese Kung-Fu movies. You know, you’ve seen those movies, aren’t they awesome?

I remember being in college smoking a lot of weed watching that shit and I can’t stop laughing, but at the same time, it’s a very sublime experience. The script is always fucking the same. It doesn’t matter whether it was filmed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Singapore, it’s the same shit.

Basically, somebody starts out like a complete and total newbie. It’s like a guy just got out of the sticks and he’s a complete fucking country person. It’s like no fucking sophistication whatsoever. And then the master just slaps him around a couple of times, shows him what’s up, and life beats him down a little bit like a punk, and then he grows up.

That theme, as corny as it may seem in ancient exploitation Kung-Fu movies, is actually a universal theme. If you look at the work of the ancient Greek philosophers or ancient Greek mythology or even Christian theology or Buddhist religious texts, it all involves the hero cycle. You know, the hero starts out as this virginal complete and total idiot, and then goes through a challenge and the challenge changes him.

I needed you to zero in on that because if you’re having a tough time getting your fair share of local free sex, understand that we all have to start somewhere. Sure, you might not be able to tell the difference between your anus and a woman’s pussy at a certain point, but eventually, you will get past that and you become a sex master.

You just need to get over yourself. You just need to understand that it all boils down to belief and the willingness to keep risking and letting go until you attract the world’s blessings your way.

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